Quick tip for cleaning out your gmail.

as its the new year its time to loose the flab. this applies to email too. I just read in one of my rss feeds an excellent way to find crap emails you dont want – search your gmail for


then go through them and unsubscribe. which is nice, but I have tens of thousands of them. most are from the same thirty or so lists that im on (and dont really want to be on) they are already filtered into labels like ‘social networking’ but I dont really want to have an email every time a band puts up a new song, or posts a new blog (well, its nice, but after a couple of years its just a waste of space.) so I opened a message from bebo, then created a filter for it and told gmail to delete all messages like this. there were 3406 of them. just for bebo.

I’m now doing it for all the messages I dont want (I need mails from ebay, but not from ebay deals, etc) I dont need emails from firebox, or cisco, or myspace (sure, I want them from fans of my music, but I get them inside myspace, not inside my inbox)

happy deleting (i just had a look at my filters list – I filter more email addresses than are in my contact list!!!)

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