The journey starts here: ayr to glasgow

The journey starts here. im on the train from ayr to glasgow. its not much of a start, as I make the same journey most days to get to work, but this time its different, my destination is cyprus. I have to make an overnight pitstop at my girlfriends flat, and in the morning we are headed for the airport to our destination: paphos.
i have one carrier bag with me just now. its contents: my ipad, my iphone and two books (which I couldnt get in an electronic format) “bury my heart at wounded knee” by dee brown about the native american version of historic events isbn: 9780099526407 and “race to dakar” by charlie boorman about charlies dakar rally isbn:9780751538175
i have a case of stuff at my girlfriends to pick up when I get there. I have “men who stare at goats” to watch on the plane and lots of unlistened podcasts to keep me occupied :)

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