Using wordpress and twitterfeed to update social networks

Automatic facebook and twitter status updates from wordpress blog posts using your rss feed

This will teach you how to setup your wordpress blog to send automatic status updates to facebook and twitter every time you make a post.

what you need:

  • a wordpress blog
  • social network accounts

the first thing to do is to setup your twitter account, facebook account, etc. once they are all setup with friends then

  • log in to
  • go to create new feed
  • put in the address of the rss feed from your site and the name for your feed
  • if you hit advanced you can put in prefixes for your posts..
  • go to step 2; add your social networks
  • hit done

once that is setup your wordpress blog is set to send twitterfeed a message when you post.

this is a great way to drive some traffic to your site, especially when you make decent content that people want to read. combined with a little SEO and a good choice of words then you will see the benefits in a few days to a week.

remeber not to spam post. people will find you and will add you on their own. just make your content interesting and it will happen.

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  1. Ryan Steinolfson

    Great article.  This is a simple method.  I have been using a plugin to accomplish the same results but I think this one is better as plugins can slow a site down and the simpler the better.  :)

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