What the digital economy bill means for you as a copyright holder #debill

What the digital economy bill means for you as a copyright holder. I am a holder of copyright. I do sell music online. this new digital economy bill ( #debill ) is going to change the way the internet works. forever.

the internet is our legacy to the children, not of today, but of a thousand years. much like the wheel is to us today.

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  1. Jacko

    Thanks for the overview. From what you write it sounds like as a copyright holder you are not overly impressed with the bill.

    The bill appears to be a sign of things to come… the ACTA treaty is around the corner which looks to implement same/similar copyright rules internationally. They are doing it as a treaty as generally treaties get around various national human right laws etc. They have been arranging the ACTA treaty behind closed doors with little media attention.

    3 strikes and you’re out.


  2. jonathan

    im not overly impressed with it, basically it gives all the powers to the big media companies, who can get you (or your company) thrown off the internet on an accusation (false or otherwise) with no overview from the courts. its not fair, or impartial. which is (hopefully) against our european human rights!
    im all for control of piracy, but not this way.

  3. Jacko

    If you don’t like the UK one wait for ACTA. :)

    How do you think it should be done?

    1. jonathan

      thats the thing, im not sure what to do – on one hand its good to give stuff for free so that people discover your music, on the other hand you need to make money to eat. all i know is that what they are doing will have a bigger negative effect on the creativity that drives the very industry they are trying to protect than anything else would. everything is run by the internet for the internet these days – commerce, communication, education, health. everything except policing, and they have just given all the powers of the sheriff to the guy with the black hat on. welcome to the wild west days of the internet…

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