Abelton Midi mapping tutorial using a midi controller

This is a quick one – im gonna show you how to control abelton with a midi keyboard
i have one of the m-audio ones with the knobs and sliders on it and I use it to control all sorts of things in abelton.

its really easy when you know how, so im gonna explain it as simply as I can.

first thing to do…

open up a session, or start a new one, and put some kind of effect in – ive got an eq

the first thing to check is that your midi conrtoller is enabled, so go to

Options > Preferences > Midi sync

you can see in the first box that ive picked my controller, its a radium 61 and its input is the delta 1010 midi in
then in the second part ive enabled the boxes for Track and Remote.
thats your controller enabled.

next thing to do is to click on the box at the top right that says MIDI

everything goes blue.

all you do now is click on ANY BLUE THING and move the knob or slider that you want to control that with

you’ll notice that you can control multiple things with the same knob, and any thing that you have controlled is displayed in the MIDI Mappings box.

to delete a mapping, simply click on it in the midi mappings and hit the delete key.

to get out of the midi mapping mode just hit the MIDI button on the top right again.

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