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I own my own domain ( I own a couple of them) and I have to pay for bandwidth, so I can’t afford to host my own mp3 files here, so I have been looking into different ways to host my audio files – seems to be the best one to use, but its not really possible to embed the audio from inside my own webpage (you can make playlists of your songs, but you have to be a subscriber – even to listen to tracks that you own the copyright to, which is kind of pointless and you have to listen to them on the site.)
so, the first thing I did was to look at sites that I know have mp3’s embeded in them and took a peek at their source code to see if they were hosted on their own site or on an external service…
most were. so I drew a line under that chain of thought.
up till now I have been using youtube, and putting up video’s with my music in them, which kinda sucks. youtube audio quality is very poor, and its mono.

then it hit me.
the internet archive. I can host my stuff there. and then embed it into my site and leach off of their bandwidth.
its pretty easy – just create an account and then upload your track, then copy the url for your hosted mp3 and put it into your site. the only downfall is that you have to licence it with a creative commons licence, so I made a tune to test it first..

here is the first attempt at it..


demo song

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