Building smart contracts in c#

building smart contracts in c#

stratis – they have their own platform
first they built a compiler in c# that compiles down to solidity first
so instead they built a smart contracts platform thats .net from the ground up
– they have a coin
– they try to make it easy for on-boarding

– all the features are there

– they are a competitor for etherium (for want of a better description)

use cases
– auctions
– tokens
– p2p lending
– p2p betting
– investment funds
– domain name registration
– digital ownership of property
– self-sovereign identity

their apprach:
making a smart contracts platrform is difficult – effectively you have to let people run their own code on your blockchain
eg etherium has a constrained vm – you cant make external calls to other systems
– strasis uses the .net VM, but they constrain the code that can run on the VM

c# widely used in government and enterprise / finance
– makes for a large pool of developers who have used tools and language for > 10 years
– integration with the existing .net ecosystem
– eg using testing inside visual studio

– they only allow access to certain libraries
– they dont allow floating point math (so have no rounding errors)
– they dont allow threading
– no finalizers

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