Crypto Asset Convergence

Crypto Asset Convergence

This was a really good talk – A company called New Alchemy from Seattle

4 categories of crypto

currencies exist to be money

utility tokens exist to access a network of value

smart contracts exist to be a global compting network

security tokens exist to confer ownership / access to revenue

oppertunities: does it have a reason to exist

examples: airmiles as utility tokens

utilities have exponential growth value

how to value crypto assets

how does the token capture network value

silos of info (eg amazon dont know googles info etc)

in future value will be in the protocols, not the silos that build ontop of the protocol

why are people in to this?

⁃ permissionless

⁃ decentralised

⁃ offers a better trust story

⁃ accessible

⁃ permitting regulatory escape (party is over) regulators are playing a larger role

with regulatory participation accessibility is going down, not all icos are accessible to all

ICOs and tokens are starting to look a lot like traditional VC

different business models coming out, eg isse tokens and raise money by offering shares in llc that backs tokens rather than selling tokens

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