Change order of apps in iphone or ipad notification center

This will show you how to change order of apps in iphone or ipad notification center for groups of apps in your ipad or iphone notification center. It helps when you have lots of apps that send lots of notifications and you only want the important ones on top.

goto settings > notifications

There are two options to control the order of the notifications in notification center: ‘manually’ and ‘by time’.

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  1. D3

    I’m trying to short it manually, but as soon as I leave settings it changes back to a random order… Is this happening with anyone else???

  2. Jason Higgins

    I’m having the same issue with the order changing back to random order after I leave the notifications setting page.

  3. AlainJ

    D3, same thing is happening with me!!
    anyone knows how to fix this?

  4. Paul Minshall

    I had the same problem with my wife’s iPhone. Mine worked fine, so I rebooted her phone and now it works fine. The orders stay the way I placed them. Hope this helps others. :)

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