This will show you how to enable wifi sync on iphone and ipad. Wifi sync will let you sync apps and movies and ebooks between your iphone or ipad and your computer, without having to plug your device in during the sync. Once you have enabled the wifi sync you will only ever need to plug into your cable to charge your device :)

Setting up iTines

In order for wifi sync to work, there are a few things you will need to do in itunes on your computer:

  • you need to plug your iphone or ipad into your computer with its usb cable
  • Open iTunes
  • Locate your device in itunes (see this link on how to do that)
  • Click on the ‘summary’ tab
  • Tick the ‘enable sync over wifi’ for that device
  • Enable wifi sync on iphone and ipad

    in the device itsself, goto

    • settings > general
    • then goto ‘wifi sync’
    • you can then do a manual sync over wifi.

    You do not need to plug the device into a power outlet to sync. Once you have enabled the wifi sync option then you can keep your iphone or ipad in sync with your computer without ever having to plug in again!

    Sources: Apple Support