Playing flv mpg avi files on apple tv 2 ATV2. This blog post will show you how to play all your video files on your apple tv 2

Install Perian on your mac to enable lots of different codecs in quicktime

  • download perian from
  • install it
  • navigate to your movies
  • right click (or option click)
  • open with -> quicktime
  • file -> save as
  • save it as a movie

quicktime will now convert that movie into a .mov
with a .mov file you can now import the video into itunes.
once it is in itunes you need to select the video file and then go to

  • advanced -> create an apple tv version.

Not actually playing flv mpg avi files on apple tv 2

granted, this is a bit of a work-around, and you don’t actually play the native versions of the files on your apple tv, but once the conversion is done, you don’t have to convert the video files again.

Sources: perian