Chuwi Hi10 Pro ultrabook tablet convertable surface

Chuwi Hi10 Pro ultrabook tablet convertable surface – That’s some title, but I’m not sure how to describe my new machine. Its a tablet, but its also a laptop – it has a real keyboard and works exactly like a laptop, except you can remove the screen!

It was a tenth of the price of a surfacebook, but comes with 4gb ram, 64bit quad core cpu and a 1920×1080 10 inch screen!

Its not my primary device – I got it as a replacement for my ipad – my phone has replaced most of what I do on my ipad so I had started using the ipad at work to keep myself orginised, I’m a developer, so needed a little more. This wee machine is pretty much perfect!
Chuwi Hi10 Pro ultrabook tablet convertable surface
there were two versions available – a plastic one, and an aluminium one – they werent much difference in price, so I got the metal one :)

It comes with android and win10, but its an intel machine, so Ill add linux at some point – right now windows 10 is enough as all the programs I use in linux are also on win10 (including the ubuntu subsystem which helps for server tasks)

by far the best feature is removing the screen and using it like an ipad (but with a full OS) – windows 10 is a bit anoying, but its getting better all the time, so Ill put up with it for now (though the drivers are terrible as always on windows) 

I have a stylus that came woth the machine too – its pretty good, but so far its only been used to draw in onenote!)

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