Mailbox app imap folders disabled – fix

Mailbox app imap folders disabled: Mailbox app is a great email app for the ipad.

A major bonus also occurs when you link it to your dropbox account – you get a free 1gb extra space!

When I tried to setup an account I encountered a problem though:
a message came back saying

Mailbox needs access to your IMAP folders in order to sync your data
Please enable your All Mail, Sent, Trash and [Mailbox] folders in gmail and try again.

I checked in gmail and IMAP was already enabled :(
[ gmail > settings cog > settings > imap and pop > imap enabled]

the solution was to go to labels and enable the requested folders there

gmail > settings cog > settings > labels

make sure “All Mail”, “Sent” and “Trash” have the tick box set next to “show in imap”

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  1. Rebeca

    thanks for the tip! I was having the same issue and resolved it following your instructions.

  2. Dori

    Thanks! This really helped save me lots of time and frustration.