Osx console emulators

This post is about osx console emulators. It should help you pick the best emulators for your games

Gameboy / Gameboy Advance emulators

jonathans blog console emulation on mac os

If you are looking for a standalone gameboy / gameboy advance emulator, then try KiGB

  • get KiGB
  • with the emulator enhancers
  • drag the app to your applications folder.
  • copy the emulator enhancers folder to ~/Library/Application Support/
  • run it with some roms.

or you could try Virtualboy advance

Super Nintendo Emulators

Openemu supports SNES, but if you are looking for a standalone emulator then try Snes9x [or znsnes, or bsnes]

Snes 9x is an awesome emulator for snes games.
If you run the standalone snes9x rather than the open emu component then you can follow this post and use your iPhone as a snes controller :)

combined with an AppleTV and the new multiple desktops features on osx mavericks you can [nearly] play the games as well as it were an actual snes!

jonathans blog console emulation on mac os

N64 emulators

osx console emulators
excellent standalone n64 emulator is sixtyforce



its like an iTunes library for old console games.

open emu supports:

  • gameboy / colour / advance
  • nes
  • snes
  • sega mastersystem
  • sega gamegear
  • sega genesis / sega megadrive

when you first install open emu it will ask if you want to install ‘cores’ these cores are actually full emulators
I just clicked ‘install all cores’.
In the beta version the game browser isn’t available, but you can still load roms by going to the file menu.
I was able to play snes games, and I was able to play gameboy advance games (zelda) with no problems.

osx console emulators

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