Games console emulation android

Games console emulation android – I recently got a jxd s5110b android game tablet thing. My first driod.
It is basically a small android tablet, but with hardware controls for gaming :)

It comes with a few emulators pre-installed, but they aren’t that great, so Ive collected a list of the emulators I think are the best for each scenario:

after trying lots of different gameboy emulators ‘My Boy!’ turned out to be the best for me. Its fast, doesn’t stutter, has enough options to tweak and just works.

I tried snes9x, retroarch and snes9x EX+. all of them had some issues (mostly stuttering games) I then tried superGNES. no stutters in mario kart. win.

I’ve only really tried ‘SuperN64’ – it works enough, but has some issues with screen tearing and v-rally is a bit stuttery.

you are best using mame4driod to play neogeo: see below

Games console emulation android

there are two name emulators that are worth having for android:

mame4all has a blue icon and runs an older version of name
mame4driod has a pink icon and runs a newer version of name

none of them come with neogeo bios, but if you search for ‘’ then you will find one that allows you to play games like metal slug :D

Games console emulation android

there is only one PSP emulator for android:

pcsx is available, I haven’t yet tried it as I don’t have a cdrom to rip my old playstation games :|

Retroarch has lots of built-in emulation ‘cores’ for lots of platforms: amiga, c64, gameboy, etc

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