Day 1: glasgow to eze

We started in glasgow at 8pm, friday;
got the virgin tilty train to preston;
got a wee train from there to manchester airport.
arrived at 00:30 saturday. met some scousers who were getting the same bus as us but getting off at lyon.
our bus got in at 4:30. we got to dover at 11.
ferry over and bus kept going. we got to montpellier at 6 am, sunday.
cycled to the train station and got the train to nice.
also got a wee french burds number to meet at the beach tomorrow :) we then cycled 8km to eze.
the hardest cycle ive ever done. imagine going up the carricks 60 times in a row at sauna temperature….
im now making mac&cheese and drinking coffee. tomorrow we either get chicks or go to monaco…. we could maybe do both but im not sure. chicks are winning so far :)

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