Day 2: eze to monaco and back to eze

Day 2 started with a ten km cycle down the second steepest road ive ever seen; the steepest being the one we cycled up yesterday. got 61.3km/h, could have hit 70 but my light fell off and I had to stop and walk back up 100 meters to get it. knowles did 66.7 km/h!

we then cycled round a corner and it happened again. autobahn. or at least its french counterpart. we turned round and found a wee road that hairpin after hairpin made its way into monaco.

we sat for a couple of hours and decided not to go to italy because we had the hills to go up. so we went up them to the village of eze and got some food and wine.
just going to go for a quick shower and make some pasta with tomatoes and regae regae and chicken and buckfast.
well seen knowles brought his bucky all the way from glasgow :)

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  1. DDB

    Tell Kowles he’s a nutter.

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