Day 3: Monaco to Cannes

The grand corniche started well; we left the campsite at 11am, down the top half of the grand corniche; got 66.9 km/h knowles got 75.6km/h.

The grand corniche

When we got to the steep part of the mountain, Knowles fucked into a wall at about 50km/h. His bike snapped in half. Knowles skint his shoulder but it wasnt broke, he was standing by the time I covered the 100m to him.

the grand corniche

We flagged down a bus and bundled Knowles and his two half bikes in to it. The bus went to a wee town called Boullion or someshit; The folk there phoned Knowles an ambulance for some unknown reason, I guess the Frenchies are scared of blood.

The ambulance took knowles to Nice (even though they all said he didnt need to go) they charged him 40 euros for it. I got the train from Bullion to Nice, then got Knowles at the hospital and looked online for a bikeshop to buy a new frame.

We found one: la roue libre; Knowles got a ‘hoocker’ for 60 euro and put some of his parts on it to make it better…

knowles new bike

By this time it was 9 pm. We headed for the nearest campsite, 10km away. By the time we got close it was 10:45. We decided to fuck it and cycle through to cannes by the morning and sleep all day.

Night cycling turned out to be an excellent idea; no traffic, 24 degrees (it was 36 during the day) and we powered through and got to cannes at 7 am. We sat outside the campsite waiting for it to open at 8.

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