Day 4 – Sorrento

we got up and headed to breakfast in Sorrento, I had toast and a croissant and a yoghurt with some honey in it and a coffee. Zoe had toast, boiled egg, phillidelphia and some melon and a coffee.

We were going to go to pompeii today, but decided that it was too late (it was half ten) and we didnt want to be stuck in the heat, so we headed to the left of the wee lanes to see if we could find a second-breakfast place (second breakfast is between breakfast and brunch). We walked past a place that looked so nice we booked for dinner tonight. then we past a place that did sandwiches and had hanging parma hams on the roof. We walked on a little and found a perfect second-breakfast place, but had decided on getting rolls instead, so we got a tub of ice cream and headed back to the sandwich place. We got two roll things (like a mini loaf cut in half long-ways) with ham and mozzerella (zoe got tomato, olive oil and oregano in hers too), zoe got a load of olives and I got some ground coffee to take home

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