Day 6 – Sorrento

Got up in Sorrento early as usual, had breakfast – toast and a croisant and coffee again! zoe had little rolls and cheese and fruit.

went for second-breakfast / ice-cream at bar ercolano in the square again, coffee and vanilla ice cream for me, a cake thing for zoe!

walked down the lanes, looking for a belt and a wallet. stopped at the clifftop park place for a rest, saw lots of little lizard things.

walked up to the ‘corner shop’ – its more like a fancy off licence – I had to choose between a bottle of eagle rare or a bottle of makers mark and a bottle of wild turkey. while we were deciding we went next door for some lunch – I had a pizza with parma ham, zoe had raviolli with mushrooms. talked to a couple sat next to us who had came to sorrento to get married with 44 people!

during lunch I decided that two bottles were better tgan 1, so went back in to the shop and bought them!

we strolled back to the hotel for snoozerini’s and woke up at half past 7! We headed down the lane to ‘le graize’ pizzeria for dinner. I had raviolli to start, with a half bottle of the local sorrento white wine, zoe had a massive bowl of minestrone soup, For main course I got a devils pizza, zoe had rolled chicken and roast potatoes and a side of spinach. We were aiming to have a pudding, but I was defeated half way through my pizza and had meat-sweats so couldnt eat another bite.

we walked the long way round, past the corner-shop where I got my bourbon earlier, and back to the square and bar ercolano for a coffee (we forgot to get one at la graize) then headed back to the hotel

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