Day 3 – Sorrento

Day 3 in Sorrento – we got up early, had breakfast (toast and jam, coffee and a cake thing, zoe had boiled egg on toast, phillidelphia on toast, melon and coffee) then went to the marina – through the maze of lanes and down a mega-staircase, we ended up at the bagi delfino for a coffee at 12:00 (we will be coming here for dinner at some point – its voted number 1 on trip advisor, their menu looks awesome!) – on the way home we picked up some peaches from a wee stall and then we went in to a wine shop that had loads of bourbon, Ill be going back at some point for a bottle or two.


after we got back to the hotel we went out to the pool area, I got a huge bottle of peroni and we sat in the shade – it was 33 degrees – and read some books on kindle and I drank my beer.

we headed across the road to a wee pub (star beer) for some quick lunch (carbonara and beer for me, lasagne for zoe) then went, via the lemon grove, past the carabinieri hq back to the hotel for a snooze.

at 9 we headed round the corner to la cantinaccia del popolo – we found it on trip advisor and the reviews were excellent – we arent used to eating this late, so I got penni w/ gorgonzola and zoe got penni with salmon, I had a beer and we shared another bottle of water and a side of fries. the food was the best so far, and we might go back later in the week


we went back to the hotel after dinner, zoe crashed outand I read some more of ‘the extraordinary wartime exploits of a naval special agent’ by Patrick Dalzel-Job – right at the part where he landed on D-Day a firework show started and lasted for 20 mins :|

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