DIY Girls Princess Bedroom Makeover and Playroom Makeover

Since moving to our new house we have been doing a number of DIY jobs, including this makeover of our little girls bedroom, and turning the spare room into a permanent playroom so that she had somewhere to draw, play and read. Her upcoming 4th birthday was the perfect excuse – we did the full makeover in 24 hours (including a trip to Ikea) while Olivia was with grandparents.

DIY Girls Princess Bedroom Makeover

Olivia chose the colour (she was 3, almost 4) the week before, it was very pink!

In the playroom, we painted all the walls and the roof pink. the woodwork stayed white. In the bedroom we only painted two walls pink, keeping two walls and the roof (and slope) white.

We got a few things from Ikea for the playroom:

  • 2×2 Kallax (1 of these)
  • 1×2 Kallax (2 of these)
  • 1×4 Kallax (1 of these)
  • Kids desk and two chair set
  • Little shelves to create a library area
  • Hangers for her princess costumes
  • Kitchen storage pots (these are now attached to the desk for her art things, pens, pencils, etc)
  • We re-used a kids drawing easel / blackboard which she already had

We arranged them as shown above, so that the 1×4 and one of the 1×2 units can be used as seats, or as little tables for her to play on, and the 2×2 and the remaining 1×2 units are upright for storage. Each Kallax has a little box inside it with various kinds of toys in each.

The little shelves were a great addition and all her books are stored there (thinking back, I should have got more and put them all a little lower)

The hangers are simple stick-on kids pegs and are a great addition :D

Finally, a hop-scotch rug, some LED lights in the Kallax, some cushions. The play room was done!

In the bedroom we added lace curtains to drape over the new bed and some heart-shaped LED lights to add some magic.

Daddy, can I keep the light-sabre even though I’m a princess now?

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