DIY Garage makeover – part 2 – desks and bookcases

I ordered some alex drawers, some linmon desktops (the 2m versions) and some little stands from Ikea for some ikea desk hacks, and three 4×2 kallax units for storing books on the other wall.

The first thing to do was to build the three alex drawer units and the drawers.

With the units built I could start on the drawers.

The next thing to do was to add the little legs to the bottom of the linmon desk tops to create a nice ‘floating’ feeling

I’ll add led lighting after the electrics are done, and some monitors will be mounted to the wall and most likely some shelving above the monotiors

On the other side of the garage, I decided to add some floating wall-mounted kallax units. I built the units, and marked in where the studs were in the walls and used the mounts (plus some extra ones I had left over) and mounted the units to the wall

Now its starting to look like a space I can use :) Its still a garage, but now I have some workspaces there too, and some space to hold a ton of books

Currently there is only one double socket in the garage, but its on a ring, so can be extended – I plan on adding in 4 double sockets on the desk side, and one / two on the bookcase side [and other cool stuff once that is done, like wooden old-school doors wall mounted speakers, a projector and possibly a tiled floor]

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