DIY Garage makeover – part 1 – painting the walls white

Our new house has a garage, which I’m going to use as a workshop area (though I wont be changing its actual use from a garage, it will still be a garage, only with nice shelves on either side and some computers and screens) – let the DIY Garage makeover begin!

The first job was to clear as much as I could – I went to the recycling centre about 10 times with cars full of junk that we had taken from the flat and no longer needed.

I picked up some white emulsion paint from B&Q for cheap, and set about painting the walls and ceiling to start my DIY Garage makeover.

I had some blue left over from painting a wall in the hallway, so used that for one wall and added some hangers for my guitars

Next up, more junk was removed!

And thats where we arrive today! Painted on all walls, guitars hanging. There are a number of things to do next, but the CORONA lockdown is preventing some of those:

  • Electrics – I need more plugs – fortunately the garage is part of the main ring, so extending will be ok (I will need a sparky to check it all at some point though).
  • Flooring – as its still a garage, a nice tile floor will be perfect.
  • Doors – I want to replace the metal door with a nice wooden double hinged one with windows in it to bring in some light.
  • One wall will have lots of shelves like a bookcase.
  • The other will have a bench, wall mounted screens and somewhere for the music gear to go. I hope to make this side foldable so that it can be put away when not in use.
  • I also plan to mount a projector screen above the garage door, and a projector on the roof.
  • I’ll be moving my homelab into the garage too

Part 2 will be next, which will be all the wiring and conduit for the electrics.

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