Facebook, bebo and myspace

I have accounts on Facebook, bebo and myspace, but I organise all my stuff from outlook, always have, always will. I’m trying to work on a way that when I update one service that it updates all of them, like uploading photo’s to my flickr account and having it automatically upload the same photos to bebo, myspace and facebook. Calendars would be cool – I have a calendar of all the gigs that I plan to attend, its in outlook, and I’d love to be able to sync my calendar to myspace, bebo and facebook, so that people can see what I’m upto and can tag along if they wish. Nothing exists for this, so I might have to write it myself…

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  1. jonathan

    well, i found a cracking way to update a load of social sites – http://www.ping.fm – you need to sign up and ask for a beta key, they will mail it to you, once you setup all your profiles (it takes ages) you can add them to your msn, google or yahoo IM program, and you can update your status on all the sites at once!!!!

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