Facebook, bebo and myspace

I have accounts on Facebook, bebo and myspace, but I organise all my stuff from outlook, always have, always will. I’m trying to work on a way that when I update one service that it updates all of them, like uploading photo’s to my flickr account and having it automatically upload the same photos to bebo, myspace and facebook. Calendars would be cool – I have a calendar of all the gigs that I plan to attend, its in outlook, and I’d love to be able to sync my calendar to myspace, bebo and facebook, so that people can see what I’m upto and can tag along if they wish. Nothing exists for this, so I might have to write it myself…

Not something I really want to do, but I can see a profit in it, and it’d be handy, all the services have an API, which means that I can write one front-end and have it upload all the stuff to all the sites. An outlook plugin that syncs both ways to facebook is gonna be hard though.
I did find this it allows you to sync your facebook friends to your outlook contact list, which is quite cool. though facebook is the place where I have least friends, at least all the people on it are real people who I know in real life, on myspace I have a personal account with 1700 friends, and I only know about 4 of them !

I also found this its meant to sync all your social networks, kinda like what I’m looking for

On the calendar front, I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to find a way to get it working. it seems that I have to make my own google wrapper round my calendar, then wrap it in an opensocial wrapper and then put it into facebook, bebo and myspace, that way I only have to make one gadget.

I’ll just tell you what I’m doing now, so you can do it too.

The first thing to do is to sync your outlook and google calendars…

Next, go to your google calendar and get the code for it

Copy the code (you can edit all the settings for the calendar here)

then go to http://code.google.com/apis/gadgets/docs/legacy/gs.html#GGE

paste your code from the calendar above the Hello world text, keeping everything else, goto file -> save as
(inside the editor) call it something nice
goto preview

you now have an embed-able version of your own calendar, that anyone can see, and that you can embed in any site.

once you save it, goto file > publish. its now available for everyone =|
grab the url for it

now, in facebook you need to add two apps to get your custom code onto the site.
goto apps and search for developer (the facebook developer API) add it.
then search for opensocket (the opensocial api)
now all you need to do is to turn your google gadget into an opensocial gadget and embed it in your facebook profile…

follow the instructions here

they explain it far better than I can. once that’s done you then have an opensocial app (your own google calendar that updates when you change your outlook calendar)

Facebook, bebo and myspace

thats my calendar in facebook…

Facebook, bebo and myspace


I’m waiting for myspace to give me a developer key, I tried the bebo app creator, but it doesn’t work just now, so I have to wait!
at least when its done I dont have to worry about updating any of them again.

the photo’s might be more difficult.

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  1. jonathan

    well, i found a cracking way to update a load of social sites – http://www.ping.fm – you need to sign up and ask for a beta key, they will mail it to you, once you setup all your profiles (it takes ages) you can add them to your msn, google or yahoo IM program, and you can update your status on all the sites at once!!!!

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