Using an apple magic mouse with linux is very easy: this post will show you how to setup an apple magic mouse on linux ubuntu, fedora, mint, etc. The apple mouse uses bluetooth to connect, so you need a bluetooth device (it may be built-in if you have a laptop). The bluetooth device needs to be switched on.

  • make sure bluetooth is enabled.
  • turn on your magic mouse
  • move the mouse.
  • you will see a ‘pair’ request
  • enter 0000 as the pair code.
  • you can now use your apple magic mouse on linux.

Troubleshooting your apple magic mouse on linux

If you dont get the pair request, click on the bluetooth icon and then click on the ‘+’ icon
Wait for the system to identify your magic mouse
Click the text thats displayed (it will say ‘apple magic mouse’)
You will now get a pair request and should be able to use your magic mouse

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