How to show contacts list in messages app osx imessage

Imessage does not show contacts list in messages. By default when you open the imessages application it shows the sent / received window. This is ok if you are only going to send and receive to imessages contacts as you can search them from the search bar. It does get a little confusing if you have the same contact in many services. eg if you have Facebook or google talk connected into your imessages.

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  1. Big Mac

    no way to show it automatically when you open the application, like iChat used to do?

  2. MayWolf

    Thank you. God that was pissing me off.

  3. Cherie

    Found this after installing 10.8 today. cmd +1 still works. Thanks!

  4. Annoyed

    The dumbest thing in Apple’s history. Why in the world would you not want to see a contact list when you open up a chat client?

  5. JP Mays

    This shows a separate window for buddies – how can I get my Google Talk contacts into the main chat window?

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