Some cool apps and features for and of your mac

Here are some cool apps and easy things to do with your mac that you might not know about:

sending photos from iphoto to facebook and flickr is easy. just drag the photos into iphoto. once you have selected the ones you want to go oline just click the facebook or flickr icon in the bottom corner. really simple, yet really effective.

if you don’t have album-art for an album then the easiest way to get some is to google it and then just drag and drop from firefox or safari into the ‘now playing’ part in the bottom corner (this will only make the current track have the selected artwork, to get a whole album to have the artwork, simply select the album and change the artwork to ‘selected’ and drop the image there)

adding or subscribing to google calendars is a bit tricky, if you have your ical set to sync with your google calendar then to add more calendars you first need to subscribe them in calendar (or create them in google calendar) they will then become available under delegation in ical preferences.

Some Cool Apps

use xmarks to sync your bookmarks and passwords between firefoxes.

use adium for IM. it supports everything that libpurple does. MSN, Yahoo!, jabber, google talk (which is xmpp), xmpp, irc, icq, facebook, twitter, AOL, bonjour, gadu gadu, laconica, livejournal, lotus sametime, mobile me, myspace IM, novel groupwise, QQ and last, but by far no means least SIP / SIMPLE.

get VLC. and get the divx codecs for your quicktime. that way you can watch movies.

get Burn. then you can make CD’s and DVD’s and its open-source.

get Wolfinstein Enemy Territory. then you can play a game – its old, but its a fantastic game.

get Qumana then you can write your blog even if you go offline.

get folx. then you can pause your downloads. it also speeds them up by creating multiple threads for every download.

These are some cool apps and I cant think of anything else you could need that’s not included. as you noticed, I got bored and coloured in a lot of words. I might make some javascript that does it automatically. Its a bit sad, but I might do it anyway.

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