I gave an AI £100 and asked it to create a business. Days 25 – 32

I was inspired by a tweet by @jacksonfall, who is using chatGPT4 to instruct him in building an online business. Here is a full transcript of my attempt on days 25 – 32 – products, content, merchant centers (prompts are in bold, replies are monotype, and my comments are in italic)

Day 25 – 32: I’ve been working a lot in the background – trying to automate as many tasks as I can, here is whats automated so far:

  • product data from supplier to ecommerce store
  • orders from ecommerce to suppliers
  • google merchant feeds to send product data to google
  • one blog post per week for the next 20 weeks is created and scheduled

At this point, I have a fully automated e-commerce dropshipping setup that needs no manual intervention on my part, except to issue refunds if needed and to select new products or alter descriptions.

Other tasks I completed are:

  • adding 12 new products
  • removing 3 or 4 older products
  • creating and publishing 5 blog posts
  • creating and scheduling 20 further blog posts
  • hooking up google adsense to the blog for monetisation
  • hooking up the sitemap to search console
  • creating compelling content for all the existing and new products
  • adding attributes for MPN, GTIN, Brand, shipping, etc to merchant center for all the products
  • starting to set up tiktok ads
  • starting to set up google shopping ads
  • starting to set up twitter ads

Also, off the back of this, I have created a couple of items for my development company: a case study on the tech for the site, a blog post or two for the processes I’m using. I’ve also created a number of blog posts here, and I’ve also created a couple of wordpress plugins to aid my daily tasks which are in the process of being released on the wordpress plugin directory!

How it started:

Days 0
Budget £100
Impressions 0
Revenue 0
Profit 0
Websites 0
Products 0
Blog posts 0
Tweets 0

How its going:

Days: 32
Budget £49.50
Impressions 20k(twitter) + 2k(web) + 5k (google shopping)
Revenue £29.97
Profit £10.00
Websites 1
Products 51
Insta accounts: 1
WordPress plugins created / revived : 3
Blog posts created: 40!!!

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