I gave an AI £100 and asked it to create a business. Day 6

I was inspired by a tweet by @jacksonfall, who is using chatGPT4 to instruct him in building an online business. Here is a full transcript of my attempt on day 6 – content and suppliers again (prompts are in bold, replies are monotype, and my comments are in italic)

Day 6: AI Boss still on his day off

supplier tasks:

  • adding products
  • pricing products

tweaking the website

  • tweaking product pages
  • adding product descriptions
  • creating a voucher code
  • building a little plugin so I can see current items in baskets (I managed to get an sql query, but it was incorrect) – I may release this publicly if others want it

social media:
tweeting a lot
creating an instagram account
creating a little banner for socials
blog post here
Green Paws and Petals added to the hustleGPT github

Analytics setup
hooking up google analytics
hooking up google merchant center

How it started:

Days 0
Budget £100
Impressions 0
Revenue 0
Profit 0
Websites 0
Products 0
Blog posts 0
Tweets 0

How its going:

Days: 6
Budget £59.50
Impressions 6099(twitter) + 300(web)
Revenue £9.99
Profit £5.00
Websites 1
Products 19
Blog posts 3

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