I gave an AI £100 and asked it to create a business. Days 8 – 25

I was inspired by a tweet by @jacksonfall, who is using chatGPT4 to instruct him in building an online business. Here is a full transcript of my attempt on days 8 – 25 – content and suppliers again (prompts are in bold, replies are monotype, and my comments are in italic)

Day 8 – 25: I’ve let the site settle (I have spent minimal time on the site, a few minutes each day at the most). I want to see how it does on its own. The answer is not very good, but I do have a baseline that I can use to measure against.

At this point, I have a fully automated e-commerce dropshipping setup that needs no manual intervention on my part, except to issue refunds if needed. That means I can focus on marketing (running google ads, making better product pages, optimising the google shopping listings etc) – and I still have £59 of budget left, plus £10 profit from my sales. I have stats (google analytics GA4, plus jetpack stats plus a custom plugin I built to view carts in woocommerce). I have payment gateways (stripe, paypal, applepay, googlepay) I have a mailing list provider (mailchimp) and I have abandoned basket reminder mails automatically delivered. I have an instagram account with 50 followers, and have written a number of blog posts. All the ingredients are there.

How it started:

Days 0
Budget £100
Impressions 0
Revenue 0
Profit 0
Websites 0
Products 0
Blog posts 0
Tweets 0

How its going:

Days: 25
Budget £59.50
Impressions 18.7k(twitter) + 1k(web) + 2.5k (google shopping)
Revenue £29.97
Profit £10.00
Websites 1
Products 27
Insta accounts: 1

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