Ios7 wish list

There have been a lot of posts going about the blogosphere in the last few months from people talking about their ios7 wishlist.

I thought I’d publish mine.

1) ability to pick default browser and email client.
infact, the ability to pick default apps for lots of things would be great. default maps application, default email app, default browser, default contacts app etc.
this would be a killer feature for third party app developers.

2) actually thats it.
if my iphone was able to do that (I can do it, but ive jailbroken my iphone) then I wouldnt have to jailbreak at all (well, I would still want to have snes emulators)

I dont mind the design of the current iphone, but a lot of people like tinkering with things like that, so maybe an official themes section in the app store with the ability to buy third party themes (that are approved by apple, like the apps currently are)

I’d like the ability to run a window manager on my ipad so that I could see two windows at one time, but that isnt going to happen.

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