Is myspace still dead? and does it matter?

Myspace has been dead for a long time. for everyone except bands.
whenever you go to a local gig, or see a flyer for a local gig you will see the bands myspace. Is myspace still dead?

myspace isnt being used to network, its being used as a glorified mailing list for bands. it always was a glorified mailing list for bands. just without the features.

there are still a hardcore of fans and musicians on myspace, yet most of the spammers have moved on yo twitter and facebook. what does this mean for myspace?

well, the signal to noise ratio just shot right up. but they just sacked most of their staff. are they looking for a buyer? probably. will anyone buy it? probably not.

so, is it worth investing time into myspace? well, it depends. it has always been hard to get myspace users to migrate ( even to sign up to your mailing list ) but now most of them have gone to facebook. so the ones that aer left are the stayers. that makes it even more difficult.

in the beginning every friend request you sent out was accepted. I remember the days of sending out 200 requests manually and having each one accepted and writing 200 replies by hand and having a hand written reply come back in!!

then it turned into its ‘send out a load of bot requests, get a load of bot replies and have your bot reply to the bot requests’

thats when the users went to facebook. and thats when the spam followed.

Is myspace still dead?

now myspace is better. not so many bot requests, still a lot of bot comments, but thats ok, and people actually reply to you when you message them.

i still think its worth keeping your myspace accounts. I still think its worth spending time on them, but I fear that myspace will one day be turned off. I hope they offer a way for me to find my myspace friends on twitter so that I can stay in contact with them all :)

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  1. Xiong Vang

    Yeah MySpace is R.I.P for me.

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