this one is excellent. I will tell you how to make automatic facebook status updates and tweets using google calendar.

what you need:

ok; so….

there are two methods here; each with two parts.

one isnt very good, it basically sends the google calendar reminder email to im not sure if you will need it, but ill scope it out just incase you do. the other method takes the google calendar rss feed and emails that to

First step for method 1 get google calendar to send reminder emails…
  • open google calendar
  • make a new calendar. I called mine ‘tweets’
  • make it public if you want..
  • goto settings for that calendar.
  • goto ‘notifications’
  • make it read ‘by default remind me via email 1 minutes before each event’
  • goto ‘share this calendar’
  • in the email address field, type in the email address you get by going to
  • make sure you dont let gmail send that email address an invite..
  • goto ‘second step’
first step for method 2 get the rss feed from google calendar
  • open google calendar
  • make a new calendar. I called mine ‘tweets’
  • make it public if you want..
  • goto settings for that calendar.
  • grab the xml feed for your new calendar

now; you have to choose between sending the feed to, in which case you can get all your social networks updated at the same time, or using something like twitterfeed to send it to [which is broken just now] or just sending it from twitterfeed directly to twitter.

  • if you want to add it to twitterfeed then go to and setup an account there and add the feed.

I used twitterfeed – it has a lot more options and is a lot more customisable; its not as good as I wanted, but at least I have put you on the right path..

Second Step for both methods..

now; go ahead and make calendar events in your new tweets calendar. they will appear in the social networks that you have enabled in it works for recurring events too. so I can now have a tweet that goes out every tuesday saying ‘buy my stuff’ or whatever.

if you want to set auto tweets from your iphone; make sure you go to


in your phones browser and check your new calendar so that you can add events..


brian · December 11, 2010 at 10:41 pm

I have followed the instructions on here to a “T”… but, When the event posts it doesn’t go to Ping and therefore it doesn’t disperse to my other accounts?

jonathan · December 11, 2010 at 10:54 pm

there are problems with just now;
they have disabled the api, so you need to use the rss feeds part, which doesnt work very well, it works sometimes, but not every time =( i hope fix it !!!!