Loch lomond went well; kinda

Loch lomond went well. except that eck was sleeping in balloch and went hame; still he did better than jamie mcgeechan who didnt show =)

I dont think cotter could manage the longer cycle in the summer.

eck might be able to, but he only really did half of one day, he would need to be able to do twice that distance every day for 5 days, then get one day off and repeat it!!

I did look at going abroad just there – if anyone is up for it then there is a bus that leaves england and takes your bike on it, it costs £200; but you basically get it to the atlantic coast in france, and cycle to the med over the pyraneese and get picked up 2 weeks later =)

that might be an option. if not then its still on for the cycle in england (its still a foreign country since I’m scottish)

I had one problem with my bike: I fitted a 50T chainring to the front of my bike, but had already taken a good 6 links out of my chain, so it broke when I changed into a gear I shouldnt have been in =| till need to get a new chain, and also a new rear derailleur since thats the only component I havent ever changed on my bike (it still works, but I want a new one now =)

I am going back to loch lomond in a couple of weeks time since its a decent little cycle and I get to train with all my gear; it took us 3 hours to do 20 miles (should have taken a little over an hour) and then 3 hours to do 15 more (should have taken less than an hour) but it was because there were new cyclists and we had to go at the pace of the slowest. still, it was good fun =)

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