Cycle adventure 2010!

well, this is the first post in this category. so id better tell you what the category is about.

last year I cycled 700 miles round europe in 2 weeks during the summer. we did: belgium, luxembourg, france, germany and holland.

this year, to get more people involved, we are doing: carlisle to stonehenge. (and probably going into wales too)

so this category is going to document that trip.

from last year I have learned a few things:

  • I need to generate my own electricity to power my camera and iphone
  • I need to keep the weight on my bike to a minimum
  • I need to get maps
  • museli and beer for breakfast is a good thing

so far there are 5 people who are going, though I think 2 of them might drop out, and there are 3 more interested.

If it turns out that its just me and knowles again, then I think we should just go to europe =P

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