Loch lomond

well, I am planning a cycle to stonehenge in july. as a practice run I am going to cycle from glasgow to loch lomond, along this route with all my gear, pitch my tent for the night, and cycle back the next day. there are about 6 of us going, but only 3 or 4 will be cycling, the others are cheating and driving =P

still, itll be nice and it will let me know if there is something that I need to get, or if theere is styuff that im carrying that I dont need. it will also let the others know that its not easy and that they need the proper stuff!

what Im taking with me to loch lomond:

  • bike (obviously)
  • panniers (obviously)
  • tent
  • sleeping bag
  • inflatable matterss
  • cooking gear (mess tins, cup, gas stove, knife, fork, spoon etc)
  • bike tools (multi tool, puncture repair kit, pump, etc)
  • knife, folding saw, paracord (most important =)
  • some food (thinking I might make lemon chicken and rice, or noodles, so id need chichen, lemons and rice or noodles and stuff for the morning=)
  • coffee,sugar, salt, etc (im going to get a wee box of the starbucks instant coffee! )
  • first aid kit – if needs be ill have a towel, anything more than that and ill use my iphone.

I dont need more than this, infact, I probably need less, im going to pick up alcohol in balloch, so that I dont have to carry it the whole way, I am also going to get my chicken breasts from the coop in balloch (i checked google maps to see where it was =) that way I dont have to carry loads of stuff all day too.

I will be posting lots of photos, but I dont have any way to charge anything yet, so if my phone dies, and my camera dies, then im goosed =P

hopefully by the time I go on the 700 mile cycle then ill have a way to be totally self sufficient (all I need is a way to charge my gadgets! )

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  1. Gavin Boyd

    Hi Jonathan
    It was interesting reading your blog. I am interested to know how you got on cycling to Loch Lomond? and if you managed to make it to Stonehenge. I would love to do a challenge like that but I have no idea how I would survive. The last time I went on a 10 mile cycle my but hurt for a week lol – anyway, I run a small website that specialises in providing accommodation for guests looking for around loch lomond hotels. If you are ever in the region get in touch and I will see if I can get you a discount :-) good luck.

    1. jonathan

      Loch lomond was cool =) we ended up not going to stone henge, we went from monaco to spain instead!!

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