Mac Pro SSD Adapter: What Are Your Options?

When it comes to a Mac Pro SSD adapter, the market is flourishing with a lot of options. Hence, it’s quite obvious for them to get confused about which one is the best. But, to ensure the optimal use of the SSD adapter, it’s necessary to pick the right accessory.

If you don’t know how to find the best among various products out there, then use this helpful guide. Here, you’ll learn the key specifications of an ideal SSD MacBook Pro adapter and the list of recommended ones.

Why an SSD Adapter?

If your Mac is using HDD storage, you might need to connect an SSD drive for better storage or faster data read and write operations. Even though there are other ways to make space on the drive, such as deleting unnecessary files, removing apps that are no longer needed, or compressing files, expanding storage helps.

When you use an external SSD drive for storing your important data, don’t forget to protect it from unauthorized access. Use FileVault, assign passwords to folders, or hide files so that no one can peep into your confidential data. Learning how to hide a file on Mac or how to use FileVault for better data security does not take too much time.   

What Should You Look for in an SSD Adapter?

  • Functionality

To ensure what you’re buying is worth your penny, it’s important to check the quality of the product. A low-quality device may not serve long-term use. Hence, ensure the selected product features premium quality by checking previous customers’ reviews.

Determine your product functionality as well. It will help in understanding what use you can expect from it. Be sure you can use it to get things done easily without breaking down or facing any issues.

  • Brand

If any brand is surviving in the industry for many years, it means they are satisfactorily meeting the customer’s needs. However, if what you’re selecting is completely new in the market, then research it thoroughly.

Check the company’s website and explore its portfolio carefully. Consider the company’s experience, product specifications, technologies, and warranty of the product. Most importantly, go through reviews of previous and current users.  

  • Ease of Use

If the product is too complicated to use, you may not be able to work on it properly. Hence, find the product that provides ease to use and can be used for multiple things. To avoid regretting later, initially check the usability, features, and versatility.

The main attribute of an easy-to-use Mac Pro SSD adapter is that it will not require too much time or effort to use. You can start using it instantly. Remember that the easier the use, the better the device performance and your success possibility.

List of SSD Adapters You Can Try     

  • OWC 1.0TB Aura Pro X2 SSD

Featuring read and write speeds up to 3194MB/s and 2488MB/s, respectively, this SSD is compatible with many Mac versions. For example, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini (Late 2014), and MacBook Air.

Specifically designed for macOS 10.13 and beyond, OWC 1.0TB Aura Pro X2 SSD consumes less power. Also, it runs much cooler than other previous models. You can trust this device for high performance for high demands.

  • Sintech NGFF M.2 nVME SSD Black Adapter Card

This adapter card is designed using top-quality material to prevent chipping even through long-term use. Moreover, you can rest assured about its cleaning. The fade-proof design protects it from accumulating stains.

Before using this card, check your MacBook model. It is not compatible with the early 2013 MacBook Pro. It best fits just 2013-2015 year Macs. Also, it can’t support internet recovery. So, prepare a bootable USB disk driver first.


This SSD is compatible with certain MacBook models, such as the 2014 Mac Mini and mid-2015 MacBook Pro. It is designed using the Silicon Motion Controller and 3D TLC NAND Flash for top-class performance.

Before you begin to use it, update the original SSD to macOS 10.13 version or later. The latest SSD would not be identified after replacement if the original one was installed in earlier versions. So consider completing all prerequisites to install a new drive successfully.


This is another reliable SSD powered by DATARAM, a trusted brand since 1967. Compatible with a 2013-16 MacBook, iMac, Air, Mini, and Mac Pro, the SSD adapter is durable to use for business and personal purposes.

Featuring 20x faster speed than a typical HDD, this SSD improves performance, app load, high-speed boot-up, and response. Moreover, it provides compatible memory for known brands and customized memory solutions for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers).

The Conclusion

Hopefully, this article will guide you in picking the right SSD for your Mac Pro system, along with saving time. But, when you’re making a final decision to buy PCIe SSD MacBook Pros, determine your budget and product price.

Every SSD adapter features a different price tag which depends on brand, quality, features, and warranty. If you want to buy a highly advanced SSD with unique features, it’ll cost you a bit more than usual ones.

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