What i want from the next mac book airs

I dont usually write posts about this kind of thing, but ive had all my maltops stolen, so im in the market for some new gadgets.

id like the rumours of the new macbook air / pro to be true.

id like a 13″ macbook air with a retina screen and a quad core i7 and a 250gb ssd and 16gb of (upgradable) ram (though id buy one with less ram in it and buy some sodimms from ebay because its a tenth of the price…).

they probably wont make that, but id settle for a 15″ version with the same spec.

id also like the thunderbolt displays to have discrete graphics cards in them [upgradable ones would be perfect] so that I didnt need to waste battery power from my laptop when I didnt need high end graphics performance (which is pretty much never).

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