Media players.

What are the few things that everyone has on their computer ? well, everyone has a browser. everyone has a calculator and everyone has media players.
what media players are out there ?

Every one knows about iTunes.
there is also windows media player.
Winamp is another, as is foobar2000
Amarok is one for linux, as is xmms.
Songbird is one of the newer ones.

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  1. auto

    Well, I personally think that Songbird is still in the early stages of development and I’m gonna stick with Mediamonkey. It’s been a while since i checked out Songbird so I may be a bit behind the times. I’ll have another look.

  2. jonathan

    yeah, its a bit better, abnd it gets better all the time – I keep going to it and then changing back to itunes, the import library from itunes is fantastic (if it only knew how to get the artwork on its own it would be ready for me)
    once you run the script that embeds all the itunes artwork info in the metadata of the mp3 then all your media players get to use that info and all of them have excellent artwork, which kinda negates the need to use itunes (except for buying music from your player)
    if songbird had a plugin that let you buy the itunes tracks from within it then it would be fantastic (add to that the fact that you could add every kind of online music store via addins and you would only ever need to go to one app to buy and listen to all your music)
    for now im staying with songbird, it wins over itunes in terms of speed.

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