Migrate music from itunes to google play

Migrate music from itunes to google play.

1) goto play.google.com/music
2) sign up (the free service is fine, when it asks for a payment, you can select ‘google play balance’)
3) go here for instructions form google
4) go here: to get the google music manager to upload your tracks
5) click download media manager
6) install it, open it and log in to your google account
7) select itunes, or music folder, or ‘other folder’ (I selected other, then browsed to my NAS device and selected the music folder there)
8) it found 8.5k songs (I’ve been collecting music for years!)
9) google music manger ‘prepares’ the music for upload
10) wait while the music is uploaded
11) ask google home to play some music!

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