Multiloquent 6 1 01 changelog

This is the change log for multiloquent 6 1 01

11a7be0 psr2 fixes
abe3129 psr2 changes
80cbc30 misc tidy ups
00d17a1 tag link
5ea34c5 pagination
dd3582f pagination still
9443ffa pagination
b44f9be pagination
2a7d85b pagination
74f362f pagination
694c07f pagination
283bc75 pagination
8329440 pagination
59ed693 pagination
313d6f5 mb class in css
02ff70a recent posts
84d830f option for front page to use pagination of blog posts
ba7ad59 default link colour
2cf767d link text colour
1231b91 fixes
3bc2bf6 fixes
29f53a6 fixes
c5cf20a fix
5d276d1 fix
7c0b384 oops
014cdd7 placeholder text
03a0708 changes
4481dd1 changes
481608e change
72e1df6 adding support for wordpress theme customisation API
ce5a3fb override for background colour
d4830f3 changes
d81934c fixes
8e5b0d1 changing section
47d4f00 jumbotron
0581c7a text colours
175c527 oops
58f00e4 oops
4d8395c making an easier function to register the controls
634631f fixes
3875e95 function names
52c0c4d minor changes
5f9df75 navbar border and text colours
479a518 moving call to customisation script
9754c71 oops
18e7605 output for initial theme customisation API
1384095 initial addition of theme customisation API
0f1f241 undoing the last stuff
997e0b4 psr2 cleanups
eb51fe2 psr2 cleanups
f00d755 psr2 cleanups
1e72902 psr2 cleanups
4dbcb0c prs2 cleanups
ec0b9e2 PSR2 cleanups
11adcfc bootstrap comments form wpbootstrap
3df6293 add_theme_support(‘html5’)
2c752cf add_theme_support( ‘html5’)
eadb85c syntax fix
16433ec small update to author code
e3d637b check to see if the author has a url set – if they do, use it as the rel=author url
3718d51 changing version number and changing screenshot to match the opacity changes
3b06f6f fix for the image in the panel thing
6df0669 fixes for the images in the paralax scroller things
b40a9ff fix to the padding on the headers in the slider box things
96a0d22 some nice opacity and inner shadow effect on the background and some padding on the text for the categry slider things
050cd05 PSR2 fixes
b836938 changing query parameter
d22dc69 fixing tab indents
ac1004b fixing a bug in the paginated search results
2eed3d5 minor updates – getting the real dimensions from the actual image
cfd819c test of automatic build system with a new user
d6f2ed2 test
6f83295 updated version number, small fixes to category and tag index, updated readme file
cb87a27 fix for the category index and the tag index :|
3a4d006 updated readme to include post templates
58bdad1 upping version number to fix minor niggles
dba9c6c minor fix
c68690f minor fix
7e2dbf5 minor fix
1844639 minor fix
d30f36a minor fix for phpci build tests
e05da6c minor fixes for phpci build tests
c724334 minor fixes to pass phpci builds
c908573 removing a double ;
1b9131d turning on verbose for debugging the email setting
41ea109 build and deploy settings for success and failure of tets
3d68dbe psr-2 fixes
3660fbc reverting screenshot to other version as new homepage is fixed :D
41e72d9 upping version number
ae5dbdf remove the &raquo from the wp_title
ecc8ee4 posts templates
36f0d51 page template
f9264fa removing menu and references in the readme file
ec392c6 changing readme files
e1a0a06 changing the sidebars, removing the hardcoded login things
3f84183 textdomian change
8c2ed5f post counts
82b2d92 post count
dfe278c category and tag specific archive pages
385ca0c avatar margin
2d33223 title tag thing
036d6c4 paragraph round the h1
e8ee473 avatar
7bcbfea avatar
95d95e6 avatar for author
7a2900c avatar image for author Multiloquent 6 1 01
252ab56 avatar
95c6f61 make it full width if comments are off…
088f2ef author specific things
ceffa10 author specific things
e5059f9 author archive things
adacdab changing file names
43d274f front page template
92ebfe3 setting the front-page template
ee2156e echoing out the slider thing
ac0c3ed multiloquent_paralax_slider(); instead of get_template_part
e7e7c00 misc fixes for homepage Multiloquent 6 1 01
6b2631c adding home.php for homepage template
aa64009 typo home to Home
76a169b using the wp_is_mobile() function now moving the slider function to the page.php and deleting slider.php
7636b34 moving the sidebar things from the footer
4d86af9 changing screenshot
072ca02 adding licence info about bootstrap and font-awesome incrementing version number
f0b9359 Please remove wp_deregister_script and remove_action from function_definitions.php.
fada992 Please link directly to plugin page
880d89c use wp_enqueue_style() to load the stylesheet.
f5949fa update version number Multiloquent 6 1 01
b619103 home_url
dc0f5f7 fixing function call (adding miltiloquent prefix)
cbf046d removing the __ for the new sidebar generator and upping the version number
cdc564a updating version number
229e4a3 restricted height sidebar things
8bf7d80 restricted height sidebar
6d3e905 removing the header navigation
59bf93b bootstrap nav menus
5d8ea1b bootstrap nav menu
992a20a bootstrap nav menu
9075df3 top nav menu as bootstrap dropdown
d16fe8c adding header nav location and footer nav location
a8a9a8e adding two sidebars to the footer area
ead8f4e oops, renaming $array to $sidebar
b2b7631 naming sidebars
a87d2f9 untitled posts
cb7d386 fix for titles of posts
34e01e6 removing js_load
083b192 adding a comment about my custom css file [essentially I’m adding an extra http query and wasting bandwidth.]
8946f73 custom css
68d7116 making a custom css as wordpress theme dev guys require wp_head to be the last call in header, and I need my custom css to override parts of bootstrap
88424a8 renaming hero-unit to jumbotron
3b0ea57 All stylesheets (other than style.css) should be enqueued via function hooked into wp_enqueue_script from functions.php.
b5e9884 All stylesheets (other than style.css) should be enqueued via function hooked into wp_enqueue_script from functions.php.
7c97e7f adding category-index and tag-index descriptions to readme files
487754e tag-index isnt responsible for displaying all tag pages, it is only responsible for adding a ‘tag overview’ style page [a page that contains links to all the tags in the system]
664f438 File responsible for displaying tag archives should be named tag.php, it can’t be a page template. Same goes for categories.
2ecc5c9 margins on left and right aligned images
d99d4db Images are not properly aligned. You must properly style classes .alignleft, .alignright etc.
5d8be45 refactoring version to multiloquent_version() for Multiloquent 6 1 01;
8d70066 typo in function call
60d23d0 All public and global variables are properly prefixed with your theme slug.
a090956 All functions are properly prefixed with your theme slug.
826dc02 Themes must not remove core WordPress actions. Please remove all remove_action occurrences.
70032cd Themes should not add function_exists() conditional wrappers for core functions introduced more than two prior major WordPress versions (currently: for any core function introduced prior to WordPress 3.6).
369607c All add_theme_support, add_image_size, add_nav_menu, register_nav_menus and load_theme_textdomain should be setup and registered within a theme specific setup function tied to the after_setup_theme action.
dfb2954 searchform.php – do not use action=”/” as form action attribute. Use esc_url(home_url()) instead.
936b548 To modify document

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