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multiloquent 9.2.02 changelog


9577574 – updating translation pot file

c1c00fc – code format

075f5cb – tptn deprecated function remove

157e3bf – code format

650047f – new method in tptn_posts [top-10 plugin API]

ac75f25 – code format rules

92a4a8c – mods

8369fe8 – soem code format rules to exclude

d6fcefb – code formatting

81e2dc7 – variable name change

f2f137b – exclude a couple of wordpress VIP rules for travis

7ff6b7c – mods

24f929c – mods

519b01b – version bump

46417e8 – testing some changes

82c8236 – mods Merge branch ‘master’ of

ead764b – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

bd4d3ca – modifications

a304615 – add php7 tests

aa09984 – Adding to gitignore

5a47be3 – updating translation pot file

214e042 – Merge branch ‘master’ of

29cb71d – minor things from theme upload:

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