Multiloquent 10.0.0 released

Multiloquent 10.0.0 released

I have pushed the first update to multiloquent for a long while:
This update adds support for bootstrap4 and a couple of code refactorings / new wordpress coding standard fixes

I’ll be pushing a few more updates / patches as I work my way through some of the output form the travis builds over the next few weeks


132f906 – verison bump

e2e0adf – s/esc_html_e/esc_html__

ec28e8b – layout fix

025d491 – typo fix

d9e86f0 – testing

b5abd96 – misc fixes

7ae44c9 – small mods

34e76a0 – version bump

6a6681d – code formatting

35ef315 – code foramtting with phpcbf

9120adb – code formatting

cf90470 – run phpcbf

8cc266e – auto code format

746d0e0 – s/__/esc_html_e

bd4bf8c – travis config updates

7cd4ae9 – travis file update for paths fix

89dd7ca – labels for tag clouds

fbef3b7 – small css fix

10c123d – as previous

d2f1de7 – clearfix on fluid containers

18e5f20 – add clearfix to old container-fluid classes

c4b9a1d – fixes for paralx box thingys

7df0eca – bootstrap comnment form

fac89fa – small css fix

c9433ee – s/container container-fluid

1aaf6fd – fix for gallery icons

4e8ce9d – fix for homepage slider thing

a9bb262 – minor css fixes for admin-bar

7793783 – navbar fixes

c47a92f – fix

13eb8ac – updating travis config

30e1fc4 – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes

5bd4bea – update to all bootstrap and bootswatch themes