Re-arrange virtual desktop spaces in osx lion and mountain lion

Re-arrange virtual desktop spaces in osx: Virtual desktop spaces are a very powerful tool, Ive been using them in linux for years, and they are very powerful in osx too, once you get a hang of the way that they work, they allow you to put similar applications in their own virtual desktop – I usually arrange my apps by task, so ill have communications on desktop 1, browsers on desktop 2 and code / editors on desktop 3 and terminals on desktop 4

this will show you how to re-arrange the virtual desktop spaces in osx lion and mountain lion

you need the osx 10.7.2 update or newer to do this.

  • go to mission control
  • click and hold on the desktop you wish to move
  • move the desktop to its new position.

there are a few caveats to the virtual desktop re-arrangement however:
you cant move virtual desktop 1 or the widget dashboard

you can move fullscreen apps
you can put desktops in between fullscreen apps too!

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  1. Robban Pson

    how to hide icon on specific desktop

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