Adding virtual desktops in mac mission control

Adding virtual desktops in mac osx

This is a short blog post about adding virtual desktops in mac osx – virtual desktops are a cool feature that let you have lots of ‘fake’ monitors that you can use to organise your programs, and you can access them with a mouse or keyboard shortcut. Once you get used to them, there is no going back – they are a really awesome feature that helps speed up your workflow.

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    1. Vito Macchia

      if you go on the desktop miniature in mission control (upper border), a widget-like X appears on the left upper corner of the desktop miniature. click on it to delete

      1. Niki Koev

        I was looking for that in Goole… and here you go – you helped me out :-) Thanks! Keep on your great posts

  1. Almutaz Rahman

    Thank you so much, It was very helpful 

    1. jonathan

      not found a way yet, but there will be a defaults command for it I hope :)

  2. neo

    is there a way to lock in the desktops, so they don’t switch around when you tab around?

    1. jonathan

      system prefs > mission control > untick ‘automatically rearrange spaces based on most recent use’

  3. Javier

    This was very helpful.  Thanks.

  4. Tom patrick

    Interesting post I really didn’t know that the desktop can also be customized

  5. Taz

    In my install of Lion (in a 21.5″ iMac) I had to move the cursor to the top left corner to see the half screen with ‘+’ in it. YMMV.

  6. Laliberte

    Is there a way to keyboard shortcut switching ‘spaces’ or ‘virtual desktops’?

    1. Jimmy

       control + left and right arrows

  7. Lilla83

    Thanks, very helpful, I couldn’t find it myself, only my Lion also shows the icon at the upper left corner. Perhaps ’cause of the dock position (to the right)?

  8. Anders Göransson

    This works fine. There is one problem for me. Say I have two desktops 1 and 2, now I want to open a document, let’s say a pdf-document. How do I force this to be placed on desktop 1?

  9. ss

    great tutorial! thanks. i would also add a tip: that you can customize your desktop background (image) PER virtual desktop. for instance, i have an image of a wooden apple as the background for my “Desktop 1” and an image of my calendar as the background for my “Desktop 2”.

  10. croes

    I am trying to open the same application on two desktops – but it keeps going to the one that is open – any idea how to make them function independantly?

  11. Stan Kossen

    Thanks, everyone, for the input. It was quite helpful.

  12. Timothy Alton

    Is there a way to have a different set of icons/folders on each desktop or are you stuck with the same icons on every desktop? For example I Want one set up for Indesign use and i have some alias for locations on various servers that I would want on that desktop. Then I have a Photoshop desktop that would have another set of alias set up for it. As it works now, if i put an icon on one desktop it shows up on all desktops. Am I missing something or is that working as intended?

  13. Louie12

    First Macbook pro 15 loving it!!! My question since I have multi desktop I notice my background for desktop 1 is not on the other 4 desktop i created. How can I have all the desktop with the same background when I have it switching every 10 mins?

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