WordPress and buffer for automatic google plus posts

WordPress and buffer for automatic google plus posts

This is a short post about setting up WordPress and buffer for automatic google plus posts.

Buffer is an excellent service that allows posting to multiple social media sites (twitter, Facebook, google+, linkedin)

If you run a wordpress site then there are a few plugins that you can use, in combination with buffer, to automatically update your connected social media accounts with one action (e.g. you can send your published posts to your twitter stream and your google plus page each time you create a new post. You send an update to buffer which will, in turn update your twitter, google+ and Facebook pages)

The first plugin is wp-to-buffer
This plugin allows you to send an update to buffer when you make a new post or page or when you update an old post or page.

To install the plugin, log in to your wordpress admin and goto plugins > add new > search for wp-to-buffer

Wp-to-buffer offers some nice advanced features:
You can change the message format using tags, you can also select which social media profiles you send updates to

The second plugin I would recommend is buffer-my-posts
This plugin is very useful to re-cycle older posts, I use it to send out a daily update to my social media profiles with some of my older posts from a selected list of categories

Buffer-my-posts is a pretty new plugin, so right now you have to edit the code to make it work, hopefully this gets fixed in a future update

If you install it and can’t get it working and get the message “You do not have enough permission to set the option. Please contact your admin” then you need to:

Edit line 10 of the bmp_admin.php file,
if (current_user_can('edit_plugins'))

if (current_user_can('activate_plugins'))

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  1. WP Cube

    Hi Jonathan, great article and thanks for mentioning our WP to Buffer Plugin. We’ve also got a Pro version which adds some nice features for Custom Post Type support, optionally buffering images and more. Let me know if you have any questions.

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