Speed up osx right click by disabling smart zoom

This is a pretty cool tip.
in osx lion and mountain lion the right click gesture [two finger tap on the pad] is a little slow.

it turns out that if you disable the ‘smart zoom’ feature (double tap with two fingers) then the right click option is much faster.

to disable the smart zoom:

open system preferences > trackpad > scroll and zoom

untick ‘smart zoom’

your right click action will now be much faster!

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  1. Matt

    Nice one :)

  2. olympiahoops

    You’re right, thanks!

  3. michaelward82

    The contextual menu speed sucks big time when smart zoom is enabled. I’ve disabled it now, and I like the instant contenxt menu speed returning but I do miss smart zoom a little :(

  4. Dominick

    Oh man, thank you so much; just the fix I needed for that ridiculously slow context menu.

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