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ive added a few coolthings to my site - firstly i upgraded the wordpress and all the plugins, which went really smoothly, for once.. then i re-designed the header so that the rss feed is in the to left, and i added my radio player thingy, i need to do a bit of hacking to get it to not re-load the player every time you go to a new page, i also need to fix the front page a bit - its becoming a bit stale, also the tutorials page looks crap, i need to re-design it so that all the tutorials are displayed in the boxes at the bottom, and not all the random entries from the categories - that should only take a few minutes to do, the radio player thing will take longer. im not to keen on the position of the search bar thingy, it could be neater. also i need to make the searcher use google search cos its better, and i can get some money for the searches that you lot do on my site. i found that all my feeds were crap. my hosting provider had added a bit of code to count the pageviews, but i dont use my hosting providers stats, i use google stats, so i had to remove their code, which was added at run time, it was a hidden option in their control panel that took me ages to find !

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So, what is midi, and does it always have to sound so bad? MIDI is an acronym for Musical instrument Digital Interface. It allows electronic instruments, computers and other electronic…

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