My experiment for 2011: a year in social media

This year I have a plan.
i am undertaking ‘a year in social media’
i have some aims.

1) get more friends
i need to get more real friends. the more people I have that are interested in my website the more exposure I can get from it.
2) document every move.
if I document everything then I can make metrics to base future decisions on.
3) focus on the major networks, but dont forget the others.
i might become really popular on an obsxure network…
4) dont just be a robot.
i will need to converse with people to build relationships.
5) write about my findings
the more I write the more friends I will get??
6) experiment.
i need to try things, does writing about hot topics make me more popular? does finding a niche and exploiting that niche make me more popular? less popular?

so far I have made a count of my ‘friends’ and recorded them in google docs.
i will make a weekly count and add them to the spreadsheet. over time I will hopefully be able to see trends.

i will write weekly about this year in social media, and will draw up conclusions monthly based on that months experiments.

not only will I get a lot of content from this, but I will still be writing about the things that rank, ie tips for using your mac to do things, seo things for wordpress and music tech :)

i hope you like the journey :)

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